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What is a Blog?

A blog is a bit like an online diary where the blogger writes posts or entries on a regular basis to share their thoughts and knowledge on a particular topic. Each blog entry will appear in chronological order with the latest entry appearing at the top of the website and each older entry appearing in descending order down the page. Older posts are eventually placed in archives, like a filing centre, where they can still be accessed and appear when a visitor searches the website.
Who writes blogs?

A blog is often written by one person but sometimes a group of people, who have a particular interest or expertise on a topic. They use the blog to share those expertise with other like minded people. You can find blogs on practically any topic from gardening, being a parent, marketing, fashion, recipes and even just personal diaries. Entire communities have opened up online with different bloggers sharing ideas and discussing their topics. Blogs don’t have to be limited to one topic but in order to gain a loyal audience they are often focused on a particular area of interest.

You don’t have to be a blogger yourself to be able to participate in these online discussions. Most blogs will include a comments section to open up the discussion to the readers. Readers can offer their own interpretations of the subject, offer critique, ask questions and much more. These comments are viewable to everyone.
How to start a blog

Writing a blog is not just for young people, geeks or professionals with a PhD in their blog subject area. If you have a passion or an interest for something then you can start a blog too. There are lots of free blogging platforms to get you started, such as Tumblr or WordPress which make setting up your website really easy.

First you should spend some time looking at other blogs on your chosen subject, simply by using a search engine which will give you lots of blogs to get started. You’ll want to have lots of blog entries up straight away so that your site has lots of articles to entice readers. Start by writing 15 (even more would be better) blog entries to get your started and publish straight away. You may want to start with one blog entry per week and as your audience grows, start posting more to keep them coming back.

One of the most important things to consider with writing a blog is that it must be valuable content that people will want to read. Make sure that the reader will be able to take something away from it; maybe they will learn something new that will help them or be entertained by a funny anecdote. This can be really useful if you are blogging to help promote your business by offering your help and advice.
Marketing your blog

First you might want to start by sharing the link to your blog to friends, family and colleagues. If you use Facebook or Twitter then post the link to your blog entries each time you update your blog. Here are a few articles to help you market your blog to make sure you gain as many readers as possible: